Introducing Unlacquered Brass

Natural living finishes
for your home

Unlacquered brass are natural living finishes that patina beautifully with use, creating a raw, unpretentious, rich and layered look. Dulled by age, and naturally polished from regular touch, these finishes are character-filled and perfectly suited to a TradCo restoration home.

With no protective coating on the brass, depending on location and environmental factors, it can take as little as two days or as long as two years for the metal to age, darken and develop to this charming, aged state. The natural beauty of the unlacquered brass ageing process creates an organic quality with a distinct darkened colour and variations in texture, that it is continually changing and developing in your home over time.

This low-maintenance finish is ideal for those with a love for beautifully aged hardware.

Unlacquered polished brass and unlacquered satin brass finishes are available on selected products in the TradCo collection. Explore the Collection below.