Our Story

Founder Graham Duff at TradCo’s first permanent wholesale premises. Magill Road, Norwood, Circa 1986.

Driven by

Humble Beginnings.

The story of TradCo began nearly four decades ago when Graham and Denise Duff started producing restoration architectural hardware to sit neatly within Australia’s historical homes. As the business grew, so did the range of designs. TradCo now offers over 4000 diverse products that stem from a range of design influences and are sold in over 600 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Our Heart.

TradCo was conceived in Adelaide, where its head office and central distribution point remains. This has enabled the business to retain its best employees, some of which have been with the company for close to 30 years. Staff from across the country and overseas have also joined the company, bringing with them experience which adds to the melting pot of ideas and innovations.

Our Range

Door Furniture

Light Switches & Sockets

Locks, Latches & Hinges

Home Fixtures & Fittings

Cabinet Fittings

Window Fittings & Bolts