Brookfield House, Front Porch Properties

I sometimes find that people really underestimate the importance of beautiful door hardware. For me, it is the ultimate compliment to a beautiful door, the finishing touches to an item in your home that gets used on a daily basis.

When setting out your renovation or building budget, I really suggest having that discussion with your building team on what you have envisaged for your doors and make the necessary allowances within your budget. Consider how your choices reflect the overall look and feel of your home as so often, the handles and door accessories are an afterthought, yet in my opinion, it is an incredibly important detail and should not be overlooked.

I myself have a very classic and timeless approach to my builds, that’s why I love using Tradco Architectural Hardware for their modern yet classic aesthetic. It really complements our building style at Front Porch Properties and based on the beautiful styles that Tradco offer in their ranges, it’s hard to go wrong.

“I love using Tradco Architectural Hardware for their modern yet classic aesthetic.”

The Menton lever in warm Satin Brass makes a statement on these stunning french doors.

For our Brookfield build we used the gorgeous Menton Lever Handle to all our exterior doors in a Satin Brass finish, these are highly durable for exterior use which is another very important factor to consider when establishing your hardware needs.

We then complemented the interior doors with the beautiful Exeter Lever in polished brass with a very classic porcelain handle, I cannot express my love of this handle enough, the attention to detail is outstanding and this could be used on so many styles of homes, from Heritage, right through to classic and of course the modern farmhouse.

Even though the Menton Range is a lot more contemporary compared to that of the more traditional Exeter Range, it really complemented the overall aesthetic of our Modern Coastal Farmhouse. The end product was truly beautiful, adding a timeless charm and character to the home in what has become the flagship build of Front Porch Properties.

For any client/homeowner, building their home is a very personal journey, and more than likely, the biggest investment of their lives, so it’s important for me that their home reflects their personality in every last detail, right down to you guessed it……”the door hardware”.

Telephone Pull Handles in Satin Brass

The Menton lever is perfect of this relaxed front porch